Detroit Reporter Tries To Expose Lions Coaching Candidate, Fails Miserably When His Old Horrific Tweets Surface (TWEETS)

(Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images)

Marlowe Alter was trying to expose Lions coaching candidate Dan Campbell’s comments during a 1998 Texas A&M pep rally where he said he was proud to attend a school where “men like women and women like men,” ended up on the defensive after he got exposed himself.

The Detroit Free Press reporter tried to paint Campbell as a homophobe over his 22-year-old, but then he got exposed badly when social media users unearthed a slew of tweets from him that painted him even worse.

“I love walking all the way to Ping to be turned away cause I’m not taking fag summer classes,” Alter tweeted way back in 2012.

“What the f–k is a Michigan man brah? Oh a hugggggge fag :),” Marlowe wrote on another of his vintage tweets. ”

“I apologize for the unacceptable tweets from my past. There is no excuse for the language I used and I’m embarrassed. I do not condone that language. I’m sorry to anyone I have offended and deeply regret my actions,” Marlowe tweeted Friday night.

I believe the saying goes, “Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones.”