Kurt Warner Wants All Playoff Games Played Inside, Blames Weather For Ravens’ Loss To Bills (VIDEO + TWEETS)

Kurt Warner thinks the best team did not win on Saturday in Buffalo as the Ravens took on the Bills in the Divisional Round playoff game.

The Ravens came into the game as the number 2 scoring offense in the NFL, but they could only muster up 3 points all game long.

After the Bills defeated the Ravens 17-3 in Buffalo, Warner said on NFL Network that he wished the two teams could have played indoors.

“Can we just play every playoff game inside?” Warner said, drawing groans from his colleagues. “I know that’s a part of football. I don’t like when we come to the biggest moments of the season and the elements become a part of the mix. I want the best team to be able to advance and all the elements to be the exact same for every team.”

Warner was blasted heavily on Twitter, so he logged on to defend himself.

Warner’s take would make more sense if the Ravens didn’t also play in an outdoor stadium where the temperatures would’ve been just as cold.

The Buffalo Bills were simply better on this day and it showed throughout the game.