More Troubling Details Emerge From The Texans Poor Handling of The Deshaun Watson Situation

(Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images)

It seems like every single day the Houston Texans front office is doing something to further show that they couldn’t careless about Deshaun Watson and how he feels.

You would think a franchise getting their first top flight QB in history would do whatever to keep him happy, but it has being going downhill ever since the team blew a 24-0 lead against the Chiefs in the playoffs last year.

Houston fired head coach/general manager Bill O’Brien and then the owner informed Watson he would have some input into where the franchise goes on both fronts. That did not happen. Watson reportedly had two notable head coaching interview requests, but Houston ignored both of them.

Pro Football Talk had the latest troubling details:

“Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Watson recommended not only Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy for a head-coaching interview but also former 49ers defensive coordinator Robert Saleh. The Texans during the first week after the regular season ended made a request to interview neither.

The Texans eventually requested permission to interview Bieniemy during this past week. However, because the interview didn’t happen during the Kansas City bye week, the Texans must now wait until the Chiefs’ season ends before talking to Bieniemy.

The Texans did not request permission to interview Saleh at any time. Saleh, who was interviewed by every team with a vacancy except the Texans, recently became the new head coach of the Jets.”

How does one franchise do just about everything wrong? Watson hasn’t formally asked for a trade, but it is expected to come at some point.

The Texans are already in rebuild mode, but it will be made even worse if they are forced to trade their star QB.