Patrick Mahomes’ Mom Celebrated Daniel Sorensen’s Dirty Hit Before Ripping ‘Evil’ Browns LB For Hit On Son (TWEETS)

The same thing that will make you laugh, will also make you cry.

The Browns were victims of a controversial NFL rule in their divisional round playoff game against the Chiefs on Sunday, on a play that resulted in a 10-point swing in favor of Kansas City.

Chiefs safety Daniel Sorensen committed a a penalty for helmet-to-helmet contact on the hit that dislodged the ball from Rashard Higgins’ grasp and forced the ball to go out in the end zone for a touchback.

Patrick Mahomes’ mom celebrated that play on Twitter.

“#49 go Sorensen!!!!”

That is pretty shocking since she would refer to Browns linebacker Mack Wilson as ‘evil’ for his tackle on Patrick Mahomes that would knock him out of the game later on.