Vanessa Bryant Begs Media Not To Show Footage Of Helicopter Crash During Tributes For Kobe And Gigi (PIC)

(Photo by FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP via Getty Images)

As crazy as it was to hear and see the news of Kobe, Gigi and seven others losing their life in a helicopter crash, it’s even crazier that we are just days away from the 1-year anniversary of that tragic moment.

The wife of the late Los Angeles Lakers player is asking media outlets to not show footage of the helicopter accident that took the life of her husband and daughter. Kobe’s wife Vanessa is asking the media to remember their memories in a respectful way.

“We ask that you do not air photos of the wreckage, helicopter in the air or accident scene,” Vanessa wrote in a statement on Instagram. “We do NOT want to see it. Our year has been traumatic enough.”

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“I want to thank everyone that has handled their media coverage respectfully,” Vanessa captioned her Instagram post. “To everyone else, please reconsider your ‘news story’ and look at your footage through the eyes of their children, parents, spouse, siblings, and family. Celebrate their lives, not the day they lost them.”

Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gigi were killed in a helicopter crash while flying north of Los Angeles from Orange County for a youth basketball game. Since the incident, Vanessa has sued the helicopter company, accusing them of being negligent and flying in foggy, bad weather even after being warned it was dangerous.

The weather was considered so dangerous on that day that the LAPD grounded all its flights.