Von Miller’s Pregnant Ex-Fiancée Opens An OnlyFans Account Amid Reports of Domestic Violence (PICS)

Megan Denise is a former stripper at Girl Collection club in Las Vegas, owned by boxing champ Floyd Mayweather. At some point, she would meet Von Miller and the two had a very public love affair with each other.

Those things have since changed as Denise dropped messages of Miller allegedly wishing an abortion on her after she became pregnant with his child. The Denver Broncos defensive star has since moved on, but now we are finding out he is under criminal investigation by the Parker Police Department on the outskirts of Denver, Colorado. Denise posted a statement on social media denying that her former fiancée had physically abused her.

In the midst of all this controversy, the very pregnant Megan Denise found time to open an OnlyFans account to show off more sexual type of photos and videos:

Denise currently has over 1 million followers on Instagram, so she is definitely trying to cash in with her having a baby on the way.