Karl Malone Calls Out Zion Williamson For Being Way Overweight: ‘Your Ass Shouldn’t Be Getting Tired’

Karl Malone has a message for Zion Williams.

The former Utah Jazz star and two-time MVP sat down for the latest episode of Knuckleheads Podcast with Darius Miles & Quentin Richardson to discuss what rising the New Orleans Pelican star needs to do in order to tap into his fullest potential. He also brought up him getting into better shape.

“Guys, I love Zion Williamson. We might not ever know his full potential. There was a young man who played at LSU – [Glen] ‘Big Baby’ Davis – Big Baby made a comment about eight months ago. And he came on that show and he said ‘Hey now, guys, I’m about to get into trouble with what I’m about to say. I know everybody loves Zion and I love him too.

But Zion has the same body type that I got.’ He was talking about himself. And [Davis] said, ‘If [Williamson] don’t get into shape, we’ll never know his full potential.’ And he did get heat for that. But guess what guys, he needs to be averaging 40 minutes a game. You are a 21-22-year-old kid, your ass shouldn’t be getting tired.”

Malone went on to state he would get Zion right for free: