Daunte Culpepper & Zach Thomas Tried To Physically Fight Nick Saban During NFL Stint (VIDEO)

Nick Saban was labeled as a “job-jumper” after leaving LSU for the Dolphins in 2005, only to jump to Alabama two years later after repeated denials of his interest in the opening in Tuscaloosa. It appears he did so to avoid eventually getting beat up by a member of his own team.

According to Jay Glazer, former NFL stars Daunte Culpepper and Zach Thomas both tried to fight Saban for his actions during his time as an NFL coach.

Saban tried to use his tactics on NFL players that he did in college and it did not work out as planned, says Glazer.

“Nick Saban, the reason why he didn’t make it in the NFL, Daunte Culpepper tried to fight him one day and the security guy stepped in,” Glazer said.

“And then I think his final straw is that he questioned Zach Thomas’ toughness and Zach almost kicked his butt. That just doesn’t work on this level.”

Fast forward to 2:55:

“I know Urban’s not one of those guys who tries to go after you and demean you,” Glazer said, “but I said just make sure you don’t do any of that on this level. Because it doesn’t work on this level.”