Patrick Mahomes’ Fiancée Calls Out ‘Insecure Males’ Who Try & Degrade Her For Being So Passionate (TWEET)

Brittany Matthews is not a woman who will respond to troll often, but sometimes, it can get to her and she has to say something.

Over the weekend, she found herself trending after Patrick Mahomes got injured and she updated her status and his status as being okay as the Chiefs went on to win without having him available for the remainder of the game.

She was also blasted because she was cheering her fiancee on before the game as well.

On Tuesday, Matthews retweeted a post on Twitter that took shots at insecure males who always have something negative to say about her:

During Sunday evening’s divisional-round playoff game, Mahomes struggled to stand on his feet after Cleveland Browns’ Mack Wilson tackled him to the ground.

He is still expected to play in next week’s AFC Championship game against the Buffalo Bills.