Ryan Clark Shares Disgusting Pic of Two Girls From Daughter’s School Using The N-Word On MLK Day (PIC)

Unfortunately, no matter what we try to do to get people to stop being racist towards others, it will always be there in some people and it does not matter the age.

Such was proven when former NFL star Ryan Clark took to Twitter and posted a picture of two girls from his daughter’s school posting a disgusting caption on their snapchat picture disrespecting Martin Luther King Jr. as well as all Black people.

“Today my daughter watched the inauguration of President Joe Biden & Vice President Kamala Harris. It was encouraging to know her hopes of becoming anything she worked for could be a reality.

It was needed more than ever because her @pbsbr classmate made this posts on MLK day!”

“Ni–er day,” the post reads.

The school is aware of the post and has responded with the below statement: