Tyreek Hill Dives Into Why He Was Shoving Receivers Coach Greg Lewis During Playoff Game (VIDEO)

This past weekend, Tyreek Hill was getting blasted online for a few minutes after cameras showed him shoving wide receivers coach Greg Lewis, with many taking it as a sign of disrespect and insubordination.

On Wednesday, Hill explained that it was nothing like that at all.

The Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver shoved Lewis after a drive during Sunday’s win over the Cleveland Browns, but Hill explained that everyone was simply having fun.

“I play the game with so much passion. I was just trying to give the guys energy,” Hill said, via Charean Williams of ProFootballTalk. “We put so much in this game. Like, I come off the sideline like fired up and I just give my coach a shove. That’s me and my personality, man. I’m just fired up and I’m just happy just to be in the NFL and just to be a part of this great organization. A lot of people seen it as me as being a hothead on the sideline, being a diva you could say, but it wasn’t nothing like that.”

Hill added that if he was actually angry with Lewis, “everybody would have been holding me back,” which was not the case.