Dez Bryant Gets Blasted For Openly Supporting Rapper Tory Lanez, Who Allegedly Shot Female Rapper (TWEETS)

Megan Thee Stallion shocked the world when she announced that she was shot by fellow rapper Tory Lanez, who alleges that they were in a romantic relationship.

Ever since last Summer, social media has been divided about what really happened that night.

According to the Los Angeles County Superior Court website, there are no forthcoming court dates for Lanez, leading to fans suspecting the charges were dropped. Dez Bryant seemed to take the news well.

It all started with the Baltimore Ravens WR taking to Twitter and saluting Tory Lanez after the news of charges being dropped in the case.

He got blasted for it, so he went on to defend himself:

“I like Tory lanez music the man jam period.. if the man shot a woman he wrong no buts about it… but if you think I’m going to dislike somebody without the facts.. go ahead and hate me… social media has taking away a lot of people self control..”

Social media wasn’t feeling this at all: