Randy Moss Delivered A Head-Scratching Take On Urban Meyer & The Crime In Duval County (VIDEO)

Randy Moss offered some head-scratching criticism of Urban Meyer, the city of Jacksonville, and Duval County.

During ESPN’s NFL Postseason Countdown show on Sunday, the hall of fame WR discussed why he thought Meyer would have a tough time adjusting to the NFL.

While he started off making good points, he then began to bring up social justice and the crime in Jacksonville, suggesting those would be challenges for Meyer.

“I’m really anxious to see, with them being able to draft a guy like Trevor Lawrence, how will he fare coming into the league with Urban Meyer, he’s been off for some time,” Moss said. “Social justice, being out in the community, Jacksonville Jaguars, in the state of Florida, Duval County is not a good county to be in. I’m talking about the violence, not just the people, I’m talking about the violence and the crime in Duval County. When I look at Urban Meyer coming to this team, he has a lot to be working with and it’s not just the team. The Black Lives Matter, everything that’s going on with the COVID, there’s a lot of concerns going on. I just wish him the best of luck.”

Pointing out crime in a city would make sense if the NFL didn’t have teams in areas with worse crime like Chicago and Baltimore.