Jalen Ramsey Disrespects Jared Goff By Openly Recruiting Deshaun Watson On Instagram (PIC)

We are just days away from the final four teams in the NFL playing for the chance to go to the Super Bowl, and somehow the biggest topic in the NFL is quarterback Deshaun Watson and the Houston Texans.

Every day, there are rumors about where the disgruntled QB could be traded, but it really doesn’t matter, since Watson has a no-trade clause and has leverage because he could essentially choose which team he goes to.

Even still, that won’t stop the articles, nor current players from trying.

Jalen Ramsey pretty much has started an issue when he took to Instagram and appeared to openly recruit Watson to the Rams, which is interesting since Jared Goff is still the starting QB.

A report from Steve Wyche of NFL Network has added more fuel to the fire when he said the relationship between Goff and McVay isn’t great and one person he spoke to said “they need marriage counseling.”

“We know John Wolford came in and they were excited about him when Jared Goff got hurt and the way he performed, and then he got hurt,” Wyche said. “So I think a lot of people are wondering if they’re going to bring in a veteran type of quarterback to push Jared Goff this offseason. Or at least have that threat there as a backup to see if they can elevate Goff.

“The people I’ve spoken to said basically, at this moment, the relationship with Goff and McVay: not great. They need marriage counseling is what one person said to me. I think this is something that they’re going to be able to work through, but there’s got to be some healing and that’s not just with Jared Goff’s injured thumb.”

Trading Goff would free up $12.245 million in cap space and result in a $22.2 million dead money charge.