A Female Bills Fan Spread Her Father’s Ashes At Arrowhead Stadium (VIDEO)

Bills fan, Kristen Kimmick, finally got her chance to visit Arrowhead Stadium with her dad during AFC Championship game.

Although her beloved Bills didn’t make it to the Super Bowl, Kimmick was able to do something even more special during that game. She was able to spread her father’s ashes at Arrowhead stadium.

Her father, Ronald, was a noted Kansas City Chiefs fan who passed away last year.

“We always talked about going to Arrowhead together, but my dad would just say, ‘We’re not going to waste money until the Bills are good,’” said Kimmick during an interview.

Kristen attended Sunday’s Bills vs. Chiefs game and brought her father’s ashes. In the video below, you can see her spread her father’s ashes in Arrowhead Stadium.

“I got my closure even if it wasn’t my Bills Super Bowl closure…I love you dad. It’s your team again.”