Footage Shows Patrick Mahomes Uplifting Message To Mecole Hardman After Fumble (VIDEO)

While the Kansas City Chiefs did go on to cruise to their second straight Super Bowl appearance, the opening 10 minutes of Sunday’s AFC Championship Game against the Bills wasn’t exactly going according to plan.

Mecole Hardman was a sick man on Sunday after he fumbled a punt that led to the Buffalo Bills scoring a touchdown and taking an early 9-0 lead.

Mic’d-up video from NFL Films showed both Travis Kelce and Mahomes getting in Hardman’s ears with encouragement after the muffed punt.

“Hey, Mecole! Hey, hey, hey, look at me. Hey, look at me. Hey, we good. Be you. You’re gonna make a play this game. You’re gonna make a play this game. Let’s go. Hey, be us. We’ve been here. Be us!”

It would be the very next drive where Mahomes would connect with Hardman for a touchdown.