Jerry Rice Explains In Details Why Aaron Rodgers Won’t Play For The 49ers

Soon after the Green Bay Packers failed to defeat the Tampa Bay Bucs at home to advance to the Super Bowl, questions began to arise of Aaron Rodger’s future.

Almost immediately, there were rumors that the Packers legend may be headed home to California to play with the 49ers.

Jerry Rice does not agree with that. The 49ers all-time receiver reminded everyone that San Fransisco passed on the quarterback coming out of college, electing to let him fall in the 2005 draft. Rice believes that Rodgers won’t have forgotten that moment and would rather not join the team.

“Aaron is not going to want to come here,” Rice said on Monday on 95.7 The Game per 247Sports. “Aaron is not going to want to come here because the 49ers didn’t draft him. He’s still got that grudge. He’s still got that on his shoulders. I’m not saying this guy is not going to stay in Green Bay because it’s got to be frustrating to him because he has lost the last two championship games.”

It was in 2005 when the 49ers had the chance to take Rodgers, but they elected to take Alex Smith instead.

No one knows if the 37-year-old still harbors any ill will from that 2005 draft.