Seahawks’ Chad Wheeler Arrested On Suspicion of Assaulting GF For Not Bowing To Him, ‘Dislocated Arm & Bleeding’

(Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images)

On Friday, Chad Wheeler was arrested on suspicion of domestic violence after cops say he choked his girlfriend, dislocated her arm and smashed in her face after she refused to bow to him.

Via court documents obtained by KOMO News:

“…the girlfriend told police that she thought she would die at one point after losing consciousness during the ordeal, and Wheeler reportedly also expressed surprise that she survived.

The drama unfolded at about 9:45 p.m. when officers were dispatched to a report of a domestic dispute at an apartment in the 22600 block of 91st Way South in Kent, according to the case file.

Dispatchers told responding officers that the victim, Wheeler’s girlfriend, and her family had called 911 and reported she had locked herself in a bathroom after she was attacked and choked unconscious by Wheeler, court documents say.”

When officers finally arrived, they could hear a woman screaming at the top of her lungs so they were forced to bust their way inside. They found Wheeler and the girlfriend crying in pain with her face was covered in blood and her arm was hanging limply at her side.

Wheeler was finally detained after he resisted arrest and he was heard crying out, “Sorry!” and “I don’t beat women!” the case file says.

More of the story:

“The girlfriend was rushed to the hospital, where she told investigators that the incident began suddenly when Wheeler told her to stand up and bow to him, court documents say.

When she refused to do so, Wheeler threw her on the bed and began choking her with one hand and trying to smother her with his other hand, according to the case file.

She began to lose consciousness and tried to fight back but Wheeler grabbed her arm and twisted it, the court file says. She then lost consciousness completely for an unknown length of time.

When she regained consciousness, the girfriend saw Wheeler by the bed and he said, “Wow, you’re alive?” Then she jumped up and ran into the bathroom, where she called her family and dialed 911, according to the case file.”

“I thought I already had,” the girlfriend said when asked if she thought she was going to die during the ordeal.

Wheeler was booked into jail on suspicion of assault with bail set at $400,000.