49ers Should Trade Multiple 1st-Round Picks For Matthew Stafford, Says David Carr

Matthew Stafford is probably a first-round pick in 2021 if any teams reach out to the Lions for his services.

NFL Media analyst David Carr took a look at six potential landing spots for the veteran QB and laid out what he thinks the 49ers should do to make it happen.

The former QB believes San Francisco should surrender two first-round picks to land Stafford.

“I’d give up more for Stafford than any of those players commanded,” wrote Carr. “With the going rate seemingly increasing for valuable players by the year, I’d actually be the crazy person who would trade three first-rounders for him. OK, I know that might be a little steep, but there are so many unknowns when drafting a quarterback. There would be zero questions about what I’d be getting with Stafford.”

“We know Kyle Shanahan’s team is capable of getting back to the Super Bowl, and there aren’t a ton of holes,” wrote Carr. “That’s why GM John Lynch can afford to theoretically give up two first-rounders. Sure, he could try to hold the price to a first and a second, but I wouldn’t let the difference between these two options deter me from pulling the trigger.”

Carr sees Stafford as an immediate upgrade over Jimmy Garoppolo.

“Garoppolo’s contract is easy for the 49ers to move on from, as they’d take a mere $2.8 million dead-money hit if they released him, while saving $24 million against the cap,” added Carr. “Whether by acquiring Stafford or another quarterback (see: Deshaun Watson), the 49ers should jump on the opportunity to improve at the game’s most important position.”