Ex-Racer Turned Pornstar Renee Gracie Gets Furious Over Instagram Ban: ‘Feel Like Donald Trump’ (PICS)

Renee Gracie boldly stated that she felt like Donald Trump after having her Instagram page shut down.

The former V8 Supercars driver-turned-X-rated social media star was working with around 700K followers on Instagram, only to have it all taken from her by the social media site.

“I just woke up and I can’t log in. They haven’t given me any reason which I think is the hardest thing,” the 26-year-old told Daily Mail.

“I was cautious with the things I was saying in my comments. The photos I was uploading. All that sort of stuff.

“The work we’re doing isn’t illegal. If we were drug dealers or something I get it. Our stuff isn’t worse than what companies are uploading with girls in bikinis.

“It’s a bit crazy to think that it’s that strict. It’s a wild time to be alive.”

The former driver says the banishment will cost her up to $15,000 a month.

“It will impact me financially in some areas,” she said.

“[For some girls] Five, 10 to $15,000 dollars a month easily. It would be devastating for people who lost their accounts.”

She then went on to compare her situation to Donald Trump, who got banned from Twitter.

“I feel like Donald Trump,” she told The Daily Telegraph.

“When I told my Dad I had been banned he said ‘you’ve done Donald Trump’ and I said I’m not inciting violence – make love not war.

“(Trump) is an example of how these social media platforms are starting to take responsibility. The last week has proven that.”

She has since announced she made a backup account.

“Ok so made a back up. Also paying someone crazy money to try get my other one back. Is it even worth it? Maybe I just stay on Twitter and tic tok?”

Unfortunately for her, Twitter would soon suspend her @ReneeGraciee account as well.