Jemele Hill Ponders Why Chad Wheeler Isn’t Being Charged With Hate Crime, Attempted Murder of Girlfriend (TWEETS)

Chad Wheeler, backup offensive tackle for the Seattle Seahawks, will never see a football field again after he found himself arrested for the brutal assault of his girlfriend.

Responding officers heard screaming from inside his apartment and forced their way in and headed to the bathroom, where the screaming was continuing. The police found Wheeler standing beside the victim as he was said to be initially “uncooperative” when officers attempted to arrest him. Wheeler is accused of throwing the woman on the bed and strangling her until she lost consciousness. When she awoke, Wheeler allegedly said “Wow you’re alive?”

Among the many people to speak out against Wheeler was Jemele Hill. She took to Twitter and asked why he wasn’t charged with a hate crime as well as attempted murder.

The police report said that the fight began when Wheeler asked the victim to bow to him and she refused.

Wheeler, who had not been taking his prescribed medication for bipolar disorder, strangled her “with both his hands for some time.”

The documented injuries to his girlfriend included “noticeable fingerprints on both sides of her neck as well as capillaries that had burst at the back of her throat.”

The Seahawks announced Wheeler was a free agent and would not be bringing him back.

“The Seahawks are saddened by the details emerging against Chad Wheeler and strongly condemn this act of domestic violence,” the team said in a statement. “Our thoughts and support are with the victim.”