Aubrey Huff Blasts Adam Jones For Calling Him A ‘White Privileged F–k’ & Wanting To Punch Him In The Teeth (PICS)

Adam Jones and Aubrey Huff may have once played together on the same team, but those days of being cordial with each other are over.

It all started when Huff saw facebook comments from Jones from Facebook straight blasting him after people called out the former Giants player for wanting tickets to the Super Bowl after calling for a boycott of the NFL months earlier.

“Man I got no (more) comments for this fuck. He’s made his money. He’s white so he’s rich. But wants sympathy for being a drunk and family shit.

“I wanna punch him in the fucking teeth with Mike Tyson punch. Privilieged fucks. But they can be knocked othe fuck out also.”

He continued:

“I tried to fight him also. Wanted no juice. Most of these fix’s are cowards man.”

Huff fired back with a lengthy post on Facebook:

“Only a couple of pussies would talk shit about someone without tagging them. You guys really think there aren’t old teammates of mine that won’t share this shit with me?

As for you Adam Jones. I’m seriously confused! We were boys in Baltimore for those the three years I was there. I fucking loved you man.

Sounds like you’ve got a racist chip on your shoulder since then bro. “He’s white so he’s rich. Privileged fucks.” Stop me if I’m mistaken Adam but didn’t you make over 100 million dollars as an oppressed black man in MLB?

Sounds like you’ve been indoctrinated into the Colin Kaepernick school of “white man bad.”

And what’s this about you wanting to fight me in Baltimore Orioles? That never fucking happened, & you know it! I never once remember having as much as a disagreement with you.

I got to say my man I’m hurt and disappointed you’d think this way of me. I get it from Dewon. Nobody respected him on the Tampa Bay Rays & I gave him a hard time because he was a lazy fuck. You can simply see that from his Facebook photos. (It’s called a push up Dewon.)

But you Adam had the respect of every guy in that clubhouse. Even me. I respected you so much, & valued our friendship as ex teammates so much I even had you as my very first guest on my short lived podcast “Off the Cuff with Aubrey Huff” this last year! I had a blast having you on & spoke about nothing but good times in Baltimore, and missing old school baseball. Why would someone agree to be on someone’s podcast if they hated them?

Did you start hating me, and wanting to fight me once you found out I was a Trump supporter? That makes sense then…..since according to news outlets all Trump supporters are racists.

Oh and Adam….don’t smoke to much weed before you post. I had a hard time reading that 1st grade grammar of yours. I had to get a translator.

Have a great day boys! Now I’m going to go sit down by the beach with my hot 25 year old girlfriend with some champagne, & caviar with all that “white privilege.”