Details Emerge of Ex-LSU Player Ray Parker Breaking Pitbull Puppy’s Ribs & Legs, Multiple Fractures Led To Amputation

Back in September 2020, Ray Parker bonded out of jail after being arrested on-campus for battery of a dating partner. The former LSU defensive end allegedly abused his girlfriend and destroyed personal items in her apartment.

Hours after the arrest, LSU head football Coach Ed Orgeron announced that Parker was cut from the team for violating its rules. That was just the start of his downward spiral.

Documents obtained later shed even more light as a police report filed on September 17, 2020 says Parker’s former girlfriend accused Parker of beating up their pit bull puppy, a pit bull named ‘Kash.’ He “routinely abused” Kash and sent text messages about punishing it for urinating on the floor.

He also allegedly kicked the puppy so much that it needed to have its leg amputated because of multiple fractures. She accused Parker of breaking one of the puppy’s ribs and legs, saying that Kash might be dead by the time she arrived at his apartment.

Parker’s roommate allegedly saw him kick Kash multiple times and would need to tell him to “chill out.”

The former LSU player was charged with misdemeanor battery for allegedly destroying his girlfriend’s apartment and phone.