LeBron Says ‘Courtside Karen’ Was Lucky His Wife Wasn’t In Attendance During Altercation (PIC)

Savannah James had her name trending on social media after the verbal altercation involving her husband.

At least four fans were ejected from the Lakers-Hawks game after a verbal altercation with LeBron in the fourth quarter. Officials stopped play after overhearing the incident as security came in to put an end to it.

Following the game, James sent out a tweet dubbing the woman “Courtside Karen.”

On his Instagram story, James reported a meme about his wife, and said in the caption that the 25-year-old woman was lucky his wife wasn’t there to handle business.

Juliana Carlos has since released an apology for her actions. In the meantime, she has gained a significant following on Instagram, albeit, the majority of them are there just to troll her.