Raiders’ Maxx Crosby Speaks Out On Nelson Agholor Telling Teammates They All ‘Sucked’ During Season

Late last month, there was a report that came out that detailed an enraged Nelson Agholor going off on his teammates after a meltdown loss against the Miami Dolphins in Week 16.

The Raiders blew a three-point lead with 19 seconds and pretty much ended any chance of them getting into the playoffs. The Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver reportedly stormed into the locker room after the loss and screamed at everybody.

Via The Athletic:

“Agholor told his teammates that they sucked.

Then, according to witnesses, he was done and there was silence. Gruden didn’t respond, and neither did any of the players. (When contacted Thursday night about the speech, Gruden texted, “I love Agholor.”)”

Teammate Maxx Crosby recently shed more light on the situation.

“It was in the heat of the moment,” Crosby said, per Vic Tafur of The Athletic. “Nelly didn’t say ‘these guys suck,’ it was more of a ‘we’ thing and him being a leader and showing his passion for the game. He’s been on a Super Bowl team and he knows what it looks like to have a winning environment in a locker room, and guys that truly love the game. Guys that show up every day and practice that way.

“He was definitely calling some people out a little bit. I was happy he said something. Because that game, too, he had put his all on the line and put us in a position to win that game. I felt it. Football is such an emotional game and losing the way we did, every single person in Raider Nation was sick. It was a cool moment to see because Nelly doesn’t talk a ton, but when he does everybody listens.”

Whatever the case may be, Agholor was clearly upset with a team that had started the season 6-3, only to finish 8-8 and miss out on the playoffs.

In 2020, Agholor caught 48 passes for 896 yards and 8 touchdowns and was second in the NFL in yards per reception at 18.7.