Several Celebrity-Studded Commercials Have Already Been Released For Super Bowl LV (VIDEOS)

Super Bowl LV is going to be done differently than past Super Bowls due to the COVID-19 pandemic stopping large groups from being around each other.

Even still, the big game between the Tampa Bay Bucs and Kansas City Chiefs is expected to most-watched event of the year, not just for the game, but also the hilarious new commercials.

On Monday, Frito-Lay released their Super Bowl ad, “Twas the Night Before Super Bowl” commercial that featured the likes of Marshawn Lynch, Peyton and Eli Manning, Jerry Rice, Joe Montana and many more.

M&M’s commercial:

Mountain Dew:


Wayne’s World:

Doritos 3D:


Pringles: “Space Returns”

Bud Light: “Last Year’s Lemons”

Michelob Ultra: “Happy”

Chipotle: “Can a Burrito Change the World?”

Vroom: “Dealership Pain”

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Kansas City Chiefs will be doing battle at Super Bowl LV on Sunday in Tampa.

Tom Brady is looking for his seventh ring, while the young phenom Patrick Mahomes is looking to go back-to-back.