Social Media Thinks Jerry Jeudy Was High As He Trashed Broncos QBs On ESPN Radio (AUDIO + TWEETS)

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According to social media, Jerry Jeudy sounded like it was high on something as he gave one of the worst interviews ever listened to on radio.

The Denver Broncos wide receiver was on ESPN radio to talk about the 2020 season and the quarterback situation that led to the team finishing 5-11 and in dead last in the AFC West.

Apparently, Juedy trashed the quarterbacks on his team and downright sounded terrible on air. Listen here.

Jeudy on Deshaun Watson:

He also apparently dissed Drew Lock:

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“During a Q&A on ESPN Radio’s “Bart and Hahn” show, Jeudy seemed distracted, disinterested and generally disengaged. The conversation was awkward, to put it mildly.

At one point, Jeudy simply stopped talking in the middle of an answer, causing the hosts to wonder if he was okay. And by the end of the conversation, things had devolved to the point where Alan Hahn ended the interview, telling Bart Scott, “There’s only so much we can do.”

In between these cringe-worthy moments, Jeudy did answer some questions. Sort of.

When teed up about the talent on the Broncos offense, the wide receiver offered some thoughts.

“I’m very excited, just to see what this offense brings to the table next year,” Jeudy said.

It didn’t like it. Bill Belichick thought the wide receiver sounded unenthused.

Jeudy also offered some opinions on what he learned in his first year in the NFL and what he needs to improve upon.

“I learned a lot – how to read defenses, knowing their tendencies, the wideout said. “(There are) little things that I need to work on in my game. Make sure I get better in year two.”


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