Jose Canseco Cashed In Over $1M After Getting Knocked Out In 10 Seconds at Rough N’ Rowdy 13 (VIDEO)

Jose Canseco hasn’t had a payday like this since his days in Major League Baseball.

On Friday night, the former baseball star was in the main event of Rough N’ Rowdy 13—an event put together by Barstool Sports—as he was matched up with Billy Football.

15 seconds into the fight, Billy Football overwhelmed Canseco with a flurry of punches and knocked him down to the ground. Canseco would point to his shoulder and tell the ref that he couldn’t continue the fight.

The next day, Dave Portnoy revealed that Canseco got $50K before the fight and has also had a share of the PPV buys as well. That means he made over $1 million for 10 seconds of action.

Here’s the fight:

Canseco claimed he was coming into the fight hobbling, saying he tore his shoulder months before the fight went down.