Jemele Hill Says NFL Forgot To Show Colin Kaepernick Being Blackballed During ‘Inspire Change’ Commercial (TWEET)

Colin Kaepernick has found his name trending on social media during the Super Bowl, and the NFL is the sole reason for it.

Colin Kaepernick started to trend after the NFL’s Inspire Change commercial included footage of the protests against racial injustice and police brutality as well as LaDanian Tomlinson’s Hall of Fame speech talking about how football brings people together.

The commercial showed players wearing the names of victims of police brutality on the back of their helmets, but never showed the man who is really responsible for their change.

“The NFL is committing $250 million to help end systemic racism,” the commercial said.

But those watching the Super Bowl said Kaepernick should have been included in some way.

Jemele Hill was all over it:

“In that Inspire Change commercial, the NFL forgot to show the part where they blackballed Colin Kaepernick, have only 3 black NFL head coaches and no majority black ownership.”