Jose Canseco’s Daughter Speaks Out After Watching Her Father Get KO’d In 10 Seconds (TWEETS)

Jose Canseco hasn’t felt this kind of embarassment in quite some time.

The former Major League Baseball star was trendng on social media over the weekend as he stepped between the ropes to take on Barstool Sports personality Billy Football in the headlining fight of the company’s Rough N’ Rowdy 13.

The former slugger could only last 10 seconds before he made his way down to the ground and informed the ref he couldn’t continue because of a shoulder injury he tore months before the fight.

Canseco’s daughter, Josie, took to social media following the fight.

“I feel weird commenting on this but my dad told me he tried his best tonight w his injuries n I believe him. whether or not I approve of shit he’s done, I love and support him as my dad. please if u don’t mind leaving me out of the backlash I’d really appreciate it,” she wrote.

“I know it’s all fun n games for the internet trolls but a lot of this stuff breaks my heart. please be kind:( this is my family. the only one I have. just leave me out of the hate. please.”

Fans, who paid the $20 to watch the entire Barstool PPV, ripped Canseco over his performance.

He still ended up making over $1 million for the bout, so who really lost.