LeSean McCoy Won 2nd-Consecutive Super Bowl Ring Without Playing A Single Down In Either Game

(Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

LeSean McCoy surely knows how to pick a good team to be on.

The man known as ‘shady’ just might call it a career after he won a Super Bowl ring with the Tampa Bay Bucs last night. It’s been a great two years for McCoy as he was on the Kansas City Chiefs last season, who won the Super Bowl against the San Francisco 49ers.

2019 and 2020 for McCoy have some similarities as he did not play a single down in either game, but is walking away with two rings.

“I’m always thinking about this all the time — especially now — just how my career has been from being a guy and a franchise player, to now being older and asked to do different things for my role,’’ McCoy said. “You look at the winning — if I can help the young guys out and we’re winning and I’m back in a championship game and the Super Bowl — things like that make it hard to make a decision to call it quits. I always ask myself that.’’

During the season, McCoy was limited to only 10 rushing attempts for 31 yards and 15 receptions for 101 yards in the 10 games he got on the field.

“I kind of grew into it in Kansas City,’’ McCoy said. “I started out learning the offense and then eventually I became the starter. I got banged up and I missed a game or so and then the backup running backs started playing well — [Damien] Williams took off, so they decided to go with the younger guy. That was tough at first, but over there you have to check your ego. They have so many good offensive players.’’

“Me just being a veteran, at this point I want to win. Everybody knows the things I’ve done and I want to be able to still affect the game. They look at me now as insurance. If one of the guys gets banged up or they need a blow, they can count on me to go in there, replace them and not miss a beat. That’s cool with me because I love those guys. They always give me all these stories about how they’ve been playing the video games with me when they were in high school, watching my tapes and the highlights, so it all works together and I get joy out of that. I get joy out of helping them out. The role has changed for me, but the goal hasn’t. The goal is to win a championship and I want to be a part of that.’’

He has now been part of that for the past two seasons.