NFL Rules Expert Strongly Believes Super Bowl Refs’ Penalties On Chiefs Were Incorrect (TWEET)

(Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

The biggest moment of Super Bowl LV, aside from the streaker, happened in the second quarter of the game when Tom Brady got picked off, only to have it waived off due to a defensive holding penalty. Tampa Bay used the moment to drive down the field and score a touchdown.

An NFL rules expert tweeted out that the holding call should’ve never been called in the first place and Chiefs safety Tyrann Mathieu’s interception should’ve stood.

“Neither defensive hold called on KC comes close to the standard we saw the entire season for that call all season and certainly not what we saw in TB/GB,” tweeted Terry McAulay, a veteran NFL referee who serves as NBC’s officiating advisor on Sunday Night Football.

Officials ruled that cornerback Charvarius Ward held wide receiver Mike Evans and Tampa subsequently received a first down. The Chiefs would play defense good enough to force a field goal, but an offsides penalty would Tampa new life and an eventual touchdown.

Tampa Bay went into the locker room with a 21-6 lead at half and then promptly held the Chiefs to 3 points for the rest of the game.