Reporter Asks Todd Bowles How He Stopped Patrick Mahomes, Not Realizing He Was Talking To Byron Leftwich (VIDEO)

Todd Bowles got his name back trending in the NFL for all the good reasons after his Tampa Bay Bucs defense completely shut down Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs high-powered offense.

In fact, the team not only allowed just nine points, but didn’t allow the Chiefs to score a touchdown in the game.

After the game, reporters wanted to talk to him badly and pick his brain on how he accomplished it.

Unfortunately, one reporter asked that question to Byron Leftwich, because he thought he was talking to Bowles.

Mahomes completed just 26 of 49 passes for 270 yards, no touchdowns, and two interceptions.

Per Next Gen Stats, Tampa Bay’s defense aligned in a two-high safety shell on 87% of plays (59 of 68 total), the highest rate by a Todd Bowles-led defense in any game over the last five seasons.