Tom Brady Was Sending Motivational Texts To Teammates Every Night, According To Leonard Fournette (VIDEO)

I’m not sure what time Tom Brady usually goes to bed on a normal night, but it sounds like he was staying up until at least 11pm during Super Bowl week, so that he could send out some motivational texts to his teammates.

According to Buccaneers running back Leonard Fournette, who spoke to reporters following Tampa’s Super Bowl victory, the team’s 43-year-old quarterback was sending out text to his teammates all week, in an effort to motivate them for the big game.

And it worked!

Fournette spoke with reporters about how Brady’s attitude helped get the rest of the team in the right mindset to take home the title in Tampa:

Could you imagine getting a text message from Tom Brady at 11pm that says, “We will win this game”? There’s no way the Bucs players were letting down the GOAT.