Russell Wilson Has Become “Increasingly Frustrated” With Seahawks, Is Unsure If He’s Up For Trade (VIDEO)

There is going to be a lot of movement with quarterbacks this offseason as teams look to improve on that position for next season.

Reports coming out of Seattle is paving the way for something to go down with Russell Wilson. According to CBS Sports Jason La Canfora, Russell Wilson’s camp has become “increasingly frustrated” with the Seattle Seahawks inability to protect him.

On top of that, the veteran QB went on The Dan Patrick Show and said he was sure that trade calls were coming for him, but he had no clue whether the team was actually looking to move him or not.

“I want to be involved. At the end of the day, it’s your legacy, your team’s legacy…. It helps to be involved more. That dialogue should happen more often,” Wilson told Dan Patrick.

Seattle is coming off an impressive 12-4 season, but it was all for not as they got ousted in the Wild Card round by the Los Angeles Rams. Their division foe has only gotten better after pulling off a trade for Matthew Stafford.

Wilson has three years remaining on his current deal, with cap hits of $32 million in 2021, $37 million in 2022 and $39 million in 2023.