Bruce Arians Cursed So Much On Live TV, That He Forced News Station To Cut Away From SB Parade (VIDEO)

Bruce Arians certainly enjoyed his Wednesday. His enjoyment was just a little too much for one local news station.

After the boat parade, the Tampa Bay Bucs head coach grabbed the microphone and shouted out as few curse words in his speech.

“Anybody who says, ‘Run it back’ – bullshit,” head coach Bruce Arians said.

“That was Kansas City’s bullshit. We going for two. We going for two, and we ain’t stopping, alright? We’re going to keep this band together, and they know how to win.”

Once Arians shouted out “Vita, I’m gonna kick your ass,’ the local news station cut the feed.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers general manager Jason Licht wasn’t any better as he vowed to deliver another Super Bowl.

“The owners – the Glazer family – they’ve given us the resources to keep all of you guys together, and to keep you next year,” he told the players in front of a crowd of fans, according to The Athletic’s Greg Auman. “And we’re gonna f—— win this thing again, alright?”