Larry Johnson Says Colin Kaepernick Capitalized On Deaths of Black People: ‘Kneeling Did Nothing, Morons’ (TWEETS)

Larry Johnson is really not a fan of Colin Kaepernick.

The former Kansas City Chiefs star running back has been blasting the former San Francisco 49ers QB for quite sometime now, even calling him a sellout after he and the NFL reached an agreement regarding the collusion case he had against them.

“Kaepernick had the NFL on the ropes, a chance to expose the “good ole boys” network. Sold out his cause, a chance to be a dominating factor in the AAF league, proving he didn’t need the NFL…. I can’t wait for the new Nike campaign. “I SETTLED”

Fast forward to February 2021 and Johnson is once again blasting Colin Kaepernick after his name began trending on Twitter during the Super Bowl between the Chiefs and Bucs.

First, he said that Kaepernick capitalized on the deaths of every Black person who was a victim of police brutality.

He then called people morons for thinking his kneeling during the National Anthem did much of anything: