‘Patrick Mahomes Is In Regression & Teammates Don’t Believe In Him Anymore,’ Says Marcellus Wiley (VIDEO)

(Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

Marcellus Wiley is surely starting to become a hot take analyst that garners attention for some insane things that come out of his mouth.

On Sunday, the Kansas City Chiefs waited until the final game of the year to put on their worst performance in the Super Bowl against the Tampa Bay Bucs.

Patrick Mahomes tallied just 270 yards and two interceptions with no touchdowns as he was on the run for the majority of the game.

FOX Sports’ Marcellus Wiley is placing the blame squarely on the shoulders of the 25-year-old with his insane take. The retired 10-year veteran and Pro Bowl defensive end said it was high time that the hype surrounding Patrick Mahomes stops completely.

“H*** yes it’s time to pump the brakes on this GOAT conversation that was brewing, and certainly this dynasty conversation that was brewing,” Wiley told co-host Emmanuel Acho on Wednesday. “You know what I hate in this business? There’s only a few things. I hate when likeability colors analysis or accolades. I hate that, man. … Patrick Mahomes is in regression, brother, and I don’t understand why people don’t want to talk about it, but I’m here to bring the smoke.”

Wiley tried to bring his point home by mentioning that Mahomes was running for his life on Sunday because he “wanted to be Superman” and didn’t make adjustments. He also suggested that Mahomes’ teammates “don’t believe in him anymore in the biggest moments.”

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