Ryan Mallett’s Ex-Wife Joins OnlyFans As They Battle Over Custody of Their Dogs (PICS)

Former NFL QB Ryan Mallett never really officially retired from the league, but his poor play pretty much put him out for good.

His last full season came in 2017 as a member of the Baltimore Ravens. His career ended with him having 9 touchdowns passes to 10 interceptions, with a career record of 3-5.

Off the field, his personal life has not been any better. It all started with him getting married to a woman named Tiffany Seeley, who isn’t shy about putting all of her business on social media.

The COVID-19 pandemic changed everything as cheating allegations would surface and now it appears both parties are fighting a legal battle over their two dogs.

“Finally December! So ready for this month to be over and start a new year. 2020 has hands down been the worst year for a lot of people not just me,” Seeley wrote on Facebook.

“With that being said I’ve had a lot of questions here lately about “what’s going with me now”. As many of you know a lot has changed for me this year. I moved to mountain home and my significant other and I both started new jobs. We began building a new beautiful home across from my grandparents in cotter and we got married.

“Then came Covid, cheating, and drama around the corner to wake me up from this fairytale I thought I was living. Anyway, to say the least I’ve been waiting for 2021 as many people have been. It’s important to ask yourself not are you happy with the situation you are in but are you happy with who YOU are and how you acted during these hard times.

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“For me I realized I hated the person I’d become because I was constantly trying to change things out of my control. I tried to force myself to be happy where I was at, force someone else to show me the love I knew I deserved, force what I thought should happen next to happen. Well the year is almost over and I’ve realized I will never try to force anything again.”

Not to mention, Tiffany has since joined OnlyFans.

Outkick found more information on Mallett’s marriage, and it revealed that it only lasted 4 months:

“Divorce filings show that Mallett and Seeley lived as a married couple for just four months — June 17, 2020 to October 19, 2020 — before the couple split and went to court. Seeley argues in court that “the Defendant offered such general indignities to the person of the Plaintiff as did render Plaintiff’s condition in life intolerable, and by reason of such indignities, the Plaintiff is entitled to an absolute divorce from the Defendant.”

Seeley also notes that the couple had a prenuptial agreement that called for the sum of $2,000 per month for a period of 36 months and property rights. In their latest filings, Mallett’s attorneys have fought back against Seeley’s claims for the monthly payments.”

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Mallett was a star at University of Arkansas after transferring from Michigan he was a 3rd-round draft pick to the New England Patriots in the 2011 NFL Draft.

He also played for the Baltimore Ravens and Houston Texans.