Charles Barkley Explains Why Tom Brady is the GOAT Over Michael Jordan

Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan’s friendship has suffered ever since Barkley criticized Jordan years ago for how he ran the Charlotte Hornets franchise as an owner. His latest comments will probably not help things at all.

The hall of famer thinks Tom Brady, who just won his seventh Super Bowl title, has surpassed Michael Jordan as the greatest athlete of all time.

He explained his reasoning why, via TMZ:

“It’s hard for me to put anybody above Michael, but Michael was always gonna be the best player 4 out of 7 games,” Chuck told ESPN 1000’s “Waddle and Silvy.”

“But, the difference is every time Tom Brady played a football game, it was a Game 7. I never had thought about it like that. I mean, you think about that. Every football game in the playoffs is a Game 7.”

“Like, if Michael, he’s gon’ win most series because he’s gonna be the best player 4 outta 7 games. But, when you playing football, every single game in the playoffs is a Game 7.”

He continued:

“I can’t believe he’s not retired, I’m not gon’ lie. Because if you do what he just did, beat Drew Brees in New Orleans, beat Aaron Rodgers at Lambeau Field, and then beat Patrick Mahomes in the Super Bowl, that would be the greatest ‘drop the mic’ ever in sports.”

“That would be the greatest mic dropped in the history of civilization. That’s how cool that would be — to beat those 3 guys and walk way on number 7, that would be one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen in my life.”

Brady signed a 2-year deal with the Tampa Bay Bucs after leaving the New England Patriots in free agency, and it appears he is coming back for at least one more season to try and play for ring No. 8.