Kirk Cousins Gives Important Contract Advice To Dak Prescott

(Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

Kirk Cousins knows a little bit about being franchise tagged, as he became the first NFL quarterback to play under the franchise tag for a second consecutive season after Washington couldn’t come to terms with him on a long-term contract.

Dak Prescott is now in that same position as the Dallas Cowboys are likely to tag him for a 2nd-consecutive season after they failed to come to terms on a deal last offseason.

Cousins, who has since moved on the Minnesota Vikings, joined Pro Football Talk and was asked to share any advice he had with Prescott. Cousins stressed he hasn’t talked to Prescott lately but has shared his experience of embracing the franchise tag.

“Well, the only piece I’ve said to him in crossing his path by going back maybe a couple of offseasons was just to make the point that the franchise tag can be your friend; it can be a help to you if that’s the route you choose to go,” Cousins said. “So, he played on the franchise tag this past year. I think he’s in a great spot now.

Everybody knows he can play, and he’s an elite quarterback. Really, the ball is more in the court of the Cowboys and what they want to do going forward. But I think it’s a no-brainer that Dak’s the real deal and is going to have a great career moving forward. He’s in a really good spot.”

The Cowboys continue to express their desire to keep Prescott as their quarterback, but the two sides continue to fight over contract length, which led to Prescott turning down a 5-year deal that they offered him last offseason.

Dak would like a shorter deal in order to hit free agency again and get another big deal when the NFL’s new TV money kicks in.