Stephen A. Smith Offers Blockbuster QB Trade Involving Deshaun Watson & Dak Prescott (VIDEO)

Would the Houston Texans and Dallas Cowboys actually think about doing a deal with each other?

On Friday’s episode of ESPN’s First Take — Stephen A. Smith outlined a deal where both franchises could possibly be happy going forward by basically taking each other’s current QB.

“[Texans] are about to lose Deshaun Watson, he don’t want to be there. He don’t want to be there,” the ESPN analyst said. “Dak Prescott, being the ultimate professional, being the face of the franchise, willing to toe the company line, to go along and get along so long as you pay him his money — which Houston wouldn’t mind doing evidenced by how they paid Deshaun Watson. So if you’re Dak Prescott that might be something you’re willing to do. And I think if you’re the Houston Texans you should consider it.”

First Take threw up a graphic comparing the two young quarterbacks:

Total QBR – Prescott: 69.6, Watson: 69.7

Pro Bowl selections – Prescott: 2, Watson: 3

Age – Prescott: 27, Watson: 25

Playoff wins – Prescott: 1, Watson: 1

“You want to make sure that you get equitable compensation or something close to it for the services of Deshaun Watson, who’s determined not to be there,” Smith said. “Regardless of how much you’re flexing, you can’t make the brother want to be there any longer. If he don’t like the organization, if he doesn’t respect the organization — but you bring him back and insist on him playing for the organization, you are begging for trouble.”

Prescott is coming off a brutal compound ankle fracture and dislocation from the 2020 season and is still looking for a 4-year deal.

Watson signed a long-term extension just back in September.