Ex-Fox Sports Host Holly Sonders Rocks Revealing Lingerie & Pours Liquid All Over Herself On Instagram (VIDEO)

Holly Sonders is back with even more content for her growing fan base on Instagram.

Sonders, who got her start on the Golf Channel and joined Fox Sports years later, recently left the company and started her own website that features spicy adult content.

“[I] spent 10 years, [ages] 21 to 31, on national TV,” Sonders told The Post. “It was a great experience, but at some point, you kind of want to work for yourself. And the way that the world changed, especially with COVID, everybody’s just kind of doing their own thing, but the goal is always to work for yourself.”

Her latest video was posted on her Instagram story where she was dressed in sexy lingerie and pouring liquid all over her body.

Check it out: