Alvin Kamara Drops Info On NASCAR Drivers Actually Pooping Themselves Purposely During Races (TWEET)

Alvin Kamara certainly loves himself some NASCAR.

The New Orleans Saints running back became outspoken on the sport in 2020 in the wake of NASCAR banning the confederate flag from its events. He also became a massively outspoken Bubba Wallace fan and attended the June 14th race at Homestead-Miami Speedway.

On Sunday during the Daytona 500 — Kamara randomly took to Twitter and dropped some rather disturbinbg information about how the racers relieve themselves during the race,

“I’m not gon tell y’all who told me… but they said doodoo and peepee in the lil suit and it’ll dissolve or sum shit like that Kause it’s hot in the car! Don’t shoot the messenger.”

Social media reacted as expected: