Johnny Manziel Opens Up About New Football League & If He’s Trying To Make An NFL Comeback

Just like the previous two years, there’s a new football league starting up and it’s already gaining traction. Johnny Manziel suddenly made his way all over social media on Saturday night when a highlight showed him turning back the clock when he busted out a 45-yard run in a brand new football league.

The Fan Controlled Football League is the newest craze as fans voted on rule changes, uniforms, the draft and even calling plays during the game.

As far as Johnny Manziel goes, the former Cleveland Brwns QB is making it known that him playing in the league has nothing to do with him trying to make a comeback in the National Football League.

Via TMZ:

“There are no comeback implications with me and football moving forward from here,” the former Heisman Trophy winner and ex-Cleveland Browns first-round pick said.

In fact, when we asked Manziel straight-up if he envisioned the FCF as a springboard to a rejuvenated NFL career … the 28-year-old unequivocally said, “Not at all.”

Manziel signed up for the FCF — a 7-on-7, full-contact football league where fans control everything — a few weeks ago, but he explained to us it’s all strictly about having fun.

“To be honest, I got a lot of free time on my hands,” Manziel said … “I got onto the golf course life in Scottsdale but I got a lot of free time for six weeks to come and pretty much get to be a player, coach a little bit in this.”

Manziel hitting the field on Saturday was the first time since he played in the Alliance of American Football League in 2019.

“You’ll see little flashes of the old stuff,” Manziel says. “I still have the ability to throw the football around to a somewhat high degree. Not like I had in the past, but I think there’s still some flashes left in the tank.”