RUMOR: Aaron Rodgers Hanging Out on the Set of Shailene Woodley’s Latest Movie (TWEETS)

Aaron Rodgers must be seriously in love with his rumored soon-to-be wife.

The Green Bay Packers set social media on fire when he casually informed everybody that he had gotten engaged, and although he never revealed who that person was, it had already been confirmed that it was Hollywood actress Shailene Woodley.

Woodley is currently in Montreal filming her latest movie Misanthrope, and now there is a heavy rumor of the Packers legend being there on set with her.

A few days ago, social media detectives pictures some zoom calls together and noticed that Woodley and Rodgers were likely in each other’s presence during the NFL season as told by her seemingly wearing his clothes:

They seem to be really enjoying each other, but not really sure why they are being heavily secretive about it since they are both mega stars in their chosen professions.