LeBron Says ‘I Would Have Made the Team’ If He Accepted Cowboys or Seahawks Tryout During Lockout

(Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

LeBron James made an eye-opening claim in a new piece from The Athletic.

The Los Angeles Lakers superstar said he had tryout offers from the Seattle Seahawks and Dallas Cowboys during the 2011 NBA Lockout. He didn’t attend either of those tryouts but made it clear that if he had shown up, he would’ve made those teams.

“I would have made the team,” James said. “I would have tried out, but I would have made the team.”

“One thing about it, I don’t mind working for something, so if I would have had to try out for the Cowboys or the Seahawks, or if I’d have stayed home and went back home to Cleveland, I’d have tried [out], but I would have made the team. I just know what I’m capable of doing on the football field. Especially at that age,” he added.

The Athletic’s piece wasn’t just about that moment, but a larger article on his high school football career where James had two years as a wideout on the varsity for St. Vincent-St. Mary High School.

James was 26-years-old at the time of the NBA lockout, and had just came off a tough season where the Miami Heat lost to the Mavericks in the 2011 NBA Finals.

James claims he “seriously considered” playing for Dallas, but that friends and advisors stepped in to talk him out of hit. He said that “I always think about it.”