Stephen A. Smith Weighs In On New England Patriots Trading For Dak Prescott (VIDEO)

Because the Dallas Cowboys and Dak Prescott couldn’t come to terms on a deal last offseason, it has ramped up many rumors of what could possibly happen this offseason and next.

Prescott is slated to be a free agent this offseason unless the Cowboys elect to tag him again. While most of the NFL will be available as potential destinations for the two-time Pro Bowler, Stephen A Smith believes one team should be crossed off the list immediately.

Smith argued that the New England Patriots don’t make sense on Friday’s edition of First Take.

“Have we not gotten to a point — now that Tom Brady has won his seventh championship — who really wants to succeed Tom Brady in Foxboro?” Smith said Thursday on ESPN’s “First Take.” “I mean, who really wants that task? Who wants that responsibility? Because no matter what you do, anything short of a championship is not going to measure up to those folks there, as well as it shouldn’t. I mean, they’ve been spoiled over the last two decades with the level of excellence he’s been able to put forth. Obviously, in concert with Bill Belichick to some degree. But as we’ve learned, give Tom Brady some weapons and look at what he’ll do. Bill Belichick didn’t do that. That’s problematic.

“So when I look at it from that perspective, I say no. The Patriots do not make sense for me right now. Let Bill Belichick — the GM, not the coach, because he has nothing to prove as a head coach — go out there and prove that what he can do is go about the business of surrounding the quarterback with the requisite weapons needed in order to be competitive. Particularly with the Buffalo Bills on the come-up, the Miami Dolphins on the come-up. I look at it from that perspective and I say no way Dak Prescott should end up in New England.”

OverTheCap projects that the Patriots will have over $62 million in cap space heading into the offseason, which is way more than enough to secure Prescott.

Unlike what he currently bolsters on Dallas — Dak would have less weapons in New England to work with and team like the Buffalo Bills and Miami Dolphins that are only going to get better. As we saw last season, the NFC East can be won with a team playing under .500 for much of the season.

The Cowboys could tag Prescott again this spring or work out a long-term deal, but for now, the 27-year-old’s future in Dallas is very much uncertain.