Trent Richardson Takes Talent To Mexico & Joins Caudillos de Chihuahua (VIDEO)

Trent Richardson is continuing his football career.

The former Alabama All-American has been introduced as a member of Caudillos de Chihuahua, a franchise in Futbol Americano de Mexico.

Richardson kept quiet on what he’ll be doing with the team.

“My role will be — we’ll have to let y’all know,” Richardson said in a press conference. “Breaking news will come out soon. But I know when I do get here, I do want to win and I do come to win fans. And I’m gonna bring a lot with me as far as my mindset and teaching and helping bring awareness to the community to the team and what this team’s about.

“… We’ve talked about everything in our meetings that we’ve been having, so who knows. I might play. I might be a part of making decisions or helping out bringing awareness or I might be a part of D, all of the above, so we’ll see. It’s gonna be breaking news soon.”

Richardson won two national championships with the Alabama Crimson Tide and got drafted by the Cleveland Browns with the third overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft.

The former unanimous All-American exited the NFL before the 2016 season and spent the next two years in the Canadian Football League before eventually ending up on the Birmingham Iron in the Alliance of American Football during the league’s short existence in 2019.

“I’ve gotta talk it over with my family,” Richardson said. “I do have kids. My girls, they’re starting high school next year, and I don’t have that long left with them as far as spending father-daughter time with them. They barely won’t talk to me now. They’re on their cell phones all the time. I do have my sons, too. They’re playing little league football, and they’re real good in sports.

“But when it comes to being a father figure, kids need you. They need that protection. They need that story, they need that background, that pedigree. I didn’t have that, so for me, my biggest thing is I’ve always been a better father than I was any type of football player, so if it sounds right with them — and from what they’re telling me, I need to get a place over here in case they come visit and stuff like that. They told me I need to get a house; they told me I don’t need to get a condo. Maybe you need to talk to them. But you never know.

“It’ll be breaking soon, though, I’ll tell you that.”