Body Cam Footage Shows Intense Struggle With Chad Wheeler After Beating His GF: ‘Stop F–king Fighting’ (VIDEO)

We are now getting a first-hand account of what officers went through when they were called to an apartment of Chad Wheeler, who was inside and terrorizing his girlfriend.

TMZ Sports obtained the footage that shows then-girlfriend Alleah Taylor screaming inside as cops start to kick the door down. The footage then switches to just audio.

Via TMZ Sports:

“Once cops enter the home, the video goes dark — police redacted the in-home footage for various legal reasons but the audio paints a crystal clear picture of the chaos that ensues.

“Put your f**king hands behind your back,” one officer screams at the 6’7″, 315 pound athlete … “If you don’t comply, you’re going to get hurt.”

Wheeler sounds relatively calm at first, considering the circumstances — but the cops insist he is resisting arrest and repeatedly order him to stop fighting back.

At one point, Wheeler says to the cops, “Please don’t shoot me.”

Cops continue to accuse Wheeler of resisting arrest — at one point you can hear an officer deploy a taser, which Wheeler basically brushes off.

Wheeler then begins to yell for his girlfriend, screaming … “Alleah, please … Alleah … please I love you … Please stop … I love you … Alleah.”

The struggle only continues:

“You’re gonna get fuckin’ tased if you don’t knock this shit off right f**king now, you understand me?”

“You’re gonna get the fuck knocked out of you, so knock it the fuck off.”

Wheeler responds, “Please, I’m sorry, I’ll do whatever you guys want” — to which an officer replies, “Then stop f**king fighting!”

Wheeler was eventually hit with three criminal charges including 1st-degree domestic violence assault. He faces up to 12 years in prison.

Alleah Taylor eventually told her side of the story to SBC:

“I still have to regularly get my concussion checked. I have bolts and a steel plate I’m gonna have forever in my arm. I’m gonna have to deal with this the rest of my life.”